Kiger Mustang and Working Equitation Demos

Kiger and Working Equitation Demos will be presented by Trainer and Champion rider Robin Bond and Champion Rider, licensed Judge and Technical Delegate Sue Watkins owner of Kigers de los Californios.

About Kiger Mesteños

In life or legend, no other horse is quite like the magnificent Kiger Mesteño Mustang.

Their primitive markings and striking dun coloring are extraordinary. Their strength and spirit are outstanding, their versatility unequaled.

Descendants of horses introduced to the New World by Spanish Conquistadors, Kiger Mesteños are bold yet willing to please. They are both athletic and extremely intelligent. Add their fine qualities of stamina and sure-footedness and you have an animal that excels in many disciplines, including working equitation, endurance, driving, cow work, and dressage. Breyer Horses and movies such as Disney’s Spirit have been made about the Kiger.